NGO Activities 

Activities with wide ranging diversity were implemented by Sevamandir as part of its rural development.

1. Rural Drinking water facilities provided in 100 villages with the assistance of COUNCIL FOR ADVACEMENT OF ACTION AND RURAL TECHNOLOGY, (CAPART) New Delhi.

2. “SILK WORM REARING, MULBERY CROP AND GRAINAGE” with the Technical Knowhow by the ASIAN INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT (AIRD), an international organization.

3. SILK REARING CENTRES Provided to the women of SC and ST with the financial assistance of WORLD BANK under “NATIONAL SERICULTURE PROJECT”

4. TAILORING TRAINING CENTRE FOR RURAL WOMEN was established with the assistance of scheduled caste corporation and DISTRICT RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (DRDA)

5. “UNIVERSALISATION OF EDUCATION FOR GIRLS PROJECT” implemented in the rural areas of Madakasira and Hindupur with the assistance of UNICEF an International organization

6. COMMUNITY BASED CONVERGEMENT SERVICES (CBCS) Programme for rural areas of Hindupur and Madakasira

7. ADULT EDUCATION PROJECT and NON FORMAL EDUCATION CENTRES maintained in Hindupur and Madakasira areas with the assistance of NATIONAL LITERCY MISSION, New Delhi (Central Government Project)

8. “DISTRICT RESOURCE CENTRE” conducted its activities of Adult Education, Non formal education in the district by making Sevamandir a centre of learning. (HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MINISTRY, CENTRAL GOVERNMENT) maintained magarives namely ‘GRAMAJYOTHI’ and CHADUVU’

9. Maintained Residential School up to X class, Junior College and the College of Education

10. Maintained WATERSHED PROJECTS and CHECKDAMS in rural areas

11. Maintained Dairy, Nursery and Gobar Gas plants with the assistance of Non conventional Energy Project (NEDCAP)

12. In the campus, Post Office, Syndicate Bank, Ayurvedic Hospital are running

Apart from the multifaceted rural development activities such as above mentioned, Sevamandir in those days of Freedom Movement, relentlerrly worked as a source of inspiration and Training Centre for Freedom Fighters drawn from all over the country veteran Freedom fighters and cherished the struggle for freedom and Independence for the country. The opinions of visitors of Politicians, Social Workers, Educationists are annexed herewith for the benefit of young readers for their knowledge and inspiration. (Late. Jawaharlal Nehru, Thakkar, Bapu, Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari, Baba Amte, Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, S. Nijalingappa, Jayaprakash Narayan, K. Vijayabhaskar Reddy, Dr. M. Chenna Reddy Etc.)

Even today Sevamandir is working for all the goals set by the Founder A.M. Linganna with humble and noble ideology.

Sevamandir looks like Shathinikethan in its peaceful atmosphere and works with utmost simplicity.

We look forward for your suggestions, new ideas, novel thoughts, cooperation, sponsoring, and assistance in all kinds. Exchange of valuable thoughts and enrichment of the existing infrastructure facilities and activities to serve the society at large are the objectives of Sevamandir.

SEVAMANDIR is running three types of institutions namely A.M. LINGANNA MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL, A.M. LINGANNA JUNIOR COLLEGE, A.M. LINGANNA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, A.M. LINGANNA D.ED COLLEGE and securing top results every year